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” The Progression of the Battle Victory.”

There is a progression of the battle victory. This progression is a mindset that we face in daily battles that must have a divine advancement to each. It involves often thinking like God in order to pray properly towards God. Too often God’s people pray in a mist with a mindset that does not attract God’s presence to manifest the mercies of His power in the battle. So there are six progressions of mindsets we should seek to demonstrate in battle victories through prayer.

1. We absorb and take in the hits of the battle (sometimes with shock and great trauma).

This is where we make personal assessments of the situation.
We take inventory of its consequences.
We accept the reality of those consequences as very real.
We do not bury offenses and hurts. We face them. Because you cannot fix what you do not face.

2. We make an intentional choice to redirect our objectivity of focus both intellectually, emotionally, and

spiritually to referencing how God thinks about what we are facing.

It is at this point we are choosing to reject the first reality and accept God’s reality to the same situation.
We make a choice to shut down the information we just processed in order to give God the redirected focus that He deserves about our battle situation.

3. We look with intense focus on God’s perspective of the battle situation.

To look means to not allow any other interference of information, data, memories or hurts to dominate my attention of looking towards God.
My look means the giving of my complete attention to God’s mind and thinking about my battle situation.

4. We stare at God’s battle perspective.

To stare now means to become overtaken by what God says rather than going back to look at the first reality for making decisions.
To stare means to build up the willpower to stand on a conviction about something.
To stare is the intent to live and obey God’s Word in battle situations.

5. We embrace and personalize God’s battle perspective.

Now we are intentionally choosing to allow God’s battle perspective by Word and prayer to become our opinion about the battle.
We abandon all other feelings and opinions that oppose God’s perspective.
No matter if it is a relative, child, saint or anyone we love dearly, we choose to embrace and personalize God’s battle perspective.

6. We then seek to influence and reproduce God’s battle perspective through us to others.

Now with zeal and wisdom we seek to reproduce God’s thinking of that battle in other people.
We refuse to keep God’s blessings of talking to us to ourselves.
We experience the blessings, the peace and strength of His Spirit and Word in our battle victory. So we feel compelled to share it with others.

Therefore to sum it up, we face the hit square on, concerning the battle. We redirect our focus in the battle back to how God thinks about that specific situation. Then we look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. We stare at God with the intentions to act out our convictions about that situation. We embrace God’s perspective next and make it personal in the will of our flesh. Finally, we reproduce God’s perspective to others for battle victory.

Pastor Don Rogers
The Pentecostals of Wisconsin

(Info from: World Network of Prayer – Prayer Connect Newsletter –

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